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Bernie Austin, Life Coach –

BernieAustinLifeCoachWhat lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emmerson

At age 17, I met Ralph Waldo Emmerson on the pages of my English book. In that moment of discovery, possibility was born in me, I began to see the world differently. Not only did I believe in MY possibilities, I believed I could see possibilities in others. I looked beyond their exterior and KNEW within them, whatever they desired could be achieved. I began helping people discover whatever they desired, could be accomplished.

Today, I teach, coach, & speak with individuals & groups on movement, health & spirituality using the profound connection of “what lies within.”

My connection to Ribbons of Life came as a result of a invitation to speak to the amazing women & families of this group of thrivers. I was both moved and impressed by the philosophy, mission and commitment demonstrated by Lisa Barreto, Sylvia Rosolek, Karen Brown and all the members.

Bernie Austin – 620 E. Thompson Blvd, Ventura, CA, 805-340-7605,

CAPT Rod Dingman


Janet Eaton, Ethan Allen Designer/Supervisor








June English, PhD, Tri-Counties Cancer Detection Program for Women, Every Woman Counts


Assistant Fire Chief,  Alex Hamilton, Oxnard Fire Department and CFO of the Oxnard Firefighters Foundation

Alex Hamilton ID  Alex has been a firefighter with Oxnard Fire Department for 10 years and is currently a Captain at the Oxnard Fire Department and the CFO of the Oxnard Firefighters Foundation.

Alex states “We work very hard for our local community and take a lot of pride in the work we do.  In the first year of our Pink Campaign, where the Oxnard Fire Department dons pink t-shirts for the month of October, we were looking for a local Breast Cancer Charity to support. The Ribbons of Life is the perfect fit for us. Since that time we have developed a fantastic relationship that I know will continue for many more years. We believe very strongly in the grass roots work that Ribbons of Life is doing and I’m personally honored and humbled to be associated with such an amazing group”.


Congratulations on Your Promotion Alex!!



Coach Robin Hester, Ventura College Women’s Basketball


Meschal Kearns

Brad Kerman

Jo Ann Kirkby

Mary Looby, EMT

Rol-cropA chance meeting connected Mary with Ribbons of Life.  Having several friends dealing with breast cancer, Mary was looking for a way to help, and saw a Facebook posting about an RoL event at the Ventura Fire Department.  She is an active volunteer for multiple local grass-roots organizations, run by people of passion and action, and Ribbons of Life fit the bill perfectly.  Mary felt welcomed and inspired upon meeting the Ribbons of Life survivors, thrivers and supporters and has been using her project management and organizational skills to support RoL for several years.

Suz Montgomery, Executive Director, Extended Learning Academy and Chair, Ventura Council on Aging (VCOA)


Robin Riendeau, California State Department of Rehabilitation







Chuck Rogers, Photographer

Chuck Rogers - Photographer






Jill Tannehill-Shaw, Interior Design Consultant

JillTannehill-ShawEthanAllenInteriorDesignerJill studied at San José State University and earned a BS degree in Interior Design (NASAD accredited) graduating in 1999.  Jill learned valuable skills in commercial and residential design while working for the high-end design firm of Martha Stephens Interior Design in the Bay area.  Jill has been employed at Ethan Allen for 12 years and has helped to create beautiful living spaces for clients from Thousand Oaks to as far north as Santa Maria.

Jill was given the opportunity to work with Lisa and Sylvia, as lead designer, to create the Ribbons of Life office.  She states, “I was very excited to get the chance to work with these wonderful women on such an up lifting project. The space I helped to create is bright, cheerful, comfortable and welcoming and I am so pleased with the results.”  Jill prides herself on her community involvement, her excellent customer service and communication skills.

Ethan Allen Retail, Inc. – 4830 Telephone Rd., Ventura, CA 93003, 805-650-9193 (ext 325)

Patty Wendt

Tristin Wesenberg, DC








Inner Sanctum Advisors :  These guys are part of Ribbons of Life Inner Sanctum of Advisors to Lisa Barreto and Sylvia Rosolek.  They also know and share the male perspective of breast cancer as their wives are both RoL thrivers.

InnerSanctumAdvisorsBob Barreto is the best Welcome Wagon guy around, he helps with BreastFest name tags, photos, and his carpentry skills have been handy in hanging valance boxes, and the Ribbons of Life quilt in our resource center.  David Rosolek helps with photographs, registrations for special events and is an expert when it comes to RVing!