Create 4 Life

Create4Life is a place in time for thrivers, supporters and friends to come together to rejuvenate, invigorate and heal by creating something with meaning.  You are invited to bring whatever project you want to work on.  If you don’t have a project, there’s plenty to see, learn and do!

This free, fun and welcoming event is open to thrivers and supporters and takes place six times a year on the second Saturday of every odd month (January, March, May, July, September and November).  It is held at the Ribbons of Life headquarters located at Barrister Executive Suites (1500 Palma Drive, Ventura) at 10:30 a.m.


Create4Life is held immediately following the Saturday BreastFests and is part of Ribbons of Life’s grassroots efforts in providing breast cancer education, advocacy, emotional and social support within Ventura County.  For more information, please call 805-308-3456.  Those who attend are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to share.  Soothing music will be played to get you in the creative mood as you express yourself!!


Lisa Barreto and Sylvia Rosolek personally thank members of the Ventura Chapter of the American Sewers Guild for making post mastectomy pillows for our women. Members of this talented group are also interested in sewing more items to assist our women while encouraging ALL women in Ventura County that every stitch matters! — at Art & Jenny’s Sewing Center, Ventura, CA.


Anything is possible when you’re sowing the seeds of love.   – Lyrics from Tears For Fears

Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation Photo Quilt Project


The Power of Possibility

From Ventura to Santa Paula, from Oxnard to Camarillo, at cancer walks, in classrooms, and at special events, this quilt gets around! Our Ribbons of Life PHOTO QUILT project is built from the heart of our organization.

Stories Through Pictures. Behind each smiley patch is a life story. We hear them from survivors, husbands, boyfriends, siblings, children and caregivers who also endure the breast cancer challenge. They live with someone who has it, knows someone who survived it, or misses someone who died from it. This sharing can be personally and socially healing to any community.

The power of possibility lives within this quilt as it holds many public benefits:

  • It provides a voice behind those faces touched by breast cancer throughout Ventura County.
  • It provides hope to those diagnosed with breast cancer, their families, friends and those in the community by sending the message that they are not alone.
  • It includes photos with spouses, mothers, children–even grandchildren allowing them to be acknowledged.
  • It promotes education and advocacy to both genders and cultures.
  • It provides a human dimension to breast cancer.
  • It serves as an ice breaker to converse openly about the subject, ask questions, learn, and exchange inspirational stories.
  • It serves as an educational tool in classrooms and at numrous organizational events.
  • It conveys a we’re-all-in-this-together message.
  • It provides a sense of community to breast cancer survivors when they contribute their photos, sew the squares together, carry what they’ve sewn in cancer survivor walks, and watch people smile when they spot their photo on the quilt.
  • It projects light to what is sometimes considered a dark subject.
  • It emphasizes positive thoughts of WHAT CAN BE DONE removing the focus from what can’t be done.

Where can I see this quilt?

American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life events: It is carried by breast cancer survivors before, during, and after the opening survivor walk.
American Association of University Women Programs (AAUW)
Special Organizational Event Programs within Ventura County
Community Fundraising Events

How can I contribute?

If you are a breast cancer survivor, we welcome you your photo via regular mail or email. Please include your full name, phone number/email address; and your handwritten permission to include the photo in the quilt. If you do not have breast cancer, but have a photo of a friend or family member who endured a journey with breast cancer, we invite you to do the same.

For photos to print clearly, they need to be a quality close-up in at least a 4″ x 4″ size. If you scan and email the photo , it will reach us sooner. Please send it as an attachment in a .tiff, .jpg, or .jpeg format. If you don’t have scanning capabilities, kindly mail us your photo to: Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation, PO Box 1500 Palma Drive, Ventura, CA, 93003, ATTN: Quilt Project. Once the picture and information is submitted, we’ll do the rest, unless you would like to help.

Donations: In addition to monetary donations, we are in need of cloth, sewing needles, thread, and the cloth transer paper (which runs at a considerable cost.)


Computer Experts: to print out photos onto the cloth transfer paper, 4″x 4″.
Quilting Experts/Sewers: to sew individual quilt squares and attach to the quilt.

Let’s Be Real – Carrying the Quilt

Viewers comment that breast cancer becomes more “real” to them when gazing at the faces of such high-spirited individuals. Those who carry this quilt carry it with reality and honor that they may have breast cancer, but breast cancer does not have them. They listen to inspirational stories and kind words that bring strength. They often receive donations to keep the project alive. Most importantly, they receive many heartfelt embraces that provide energy to continue in their life journeys.

Debbie Zahner, our “Quilt Lady” in 2007, along with Sylvia Rosolek unveil the start of RoL’s inspiring and educational Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Quilt


It is brave to be involved. -Gwendolyn Brooks