Life Goes On



We are more than Breast Cancer survivors! 


We live full and vibrant lives. We dance. We sing. We write. We laugh. We paint. We travel. We visit museums. We watch movies. We walk. We hike. We swim (One surfs!). We bicycle. We watch our children, grandchildren and yes, sometimes even, our great-grandchildren grow. We have pets. We make jewelry. We crochet and knit. We garden. We laugh. We are the epitome of being human. We know life is precious. We learn to celebrate life in our own unique way.

A Time for Decision Making…

Decisions need to be made by those newly diagnosed or going through continuous treatment. A lack of enough information can cause one to feel out of control–especially when it is a life decision. Emotions can really get the best of us if we allow it. The RoL foundation is committed to providing ways to gather information specific to one’s immediate needs. By making proactive choices while considering all the options available through critical thinking, one can feel more confident to have chosen a procedure that will create a better quality of living. At this time, our thoughts and prayers go to the following individuals who are in the midst of decision-making toward their health and well-being.

Waiting for Test Results…

We all wait in life. But, waiting for results as to whether there is cancer or that cancer has spread is something else. This gap of time can cause us to ponder the “what ifs” as we face an uncertain future. We attempt to fill this time with ways that will distract our thoughts.