August 12, 2017 – Ribbons of Life Executive Board members were presented a grant from the Charles D. and Mary A. Bauer Foundation!

The Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Care Project grant was written by Lisa Barreto, Founder/CEO to establish a community partnership while providing those struggling with breast cancer with items specific to their individual needs.  The items will be part of the “Care Package” to help thrivers better manage, relieve and alleviate side effects caused by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. and provide educational opportunities which can improve quality of life.

July 2017 – Ribbons of Life is pleased to share that our nonprofit has been accepted into the following two programs:

Combined Federal Campaign and the California Promise Campaign

Both are donation programs that benefit charities through payroll deductions.  What this means is federal and state employees can have donations taken directly out of their pay to go to a nonprofit of their choice.   We are already seeing the support of our local community and extended community through these great programs.  Thank you to everyone who believes in our mission!


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